What are Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s)?

Esco’s are companies that are registered with the Public Service Commission and your local utility, and compete to sell you your natural gas and electricity. No matter which Esco Upstate Utilities & Consultants Inc. chooses for you, your utility will continue to deliver the energy to your home or business and will respond to any service emergencies.

Why should I switch?

There are many credits that are derived from switching to an Esco. They range from Sales Tax, Tariff Surcharge, Merchant Function Charge, and Customer Service Credit. In addition, an Esco can offer the option of “locking in” your price, which the utility does not offer.

How can I save?

With the many credits mentioned above and with the management that Upstate Utilities & Consultants Inc. can provide. Keep in mind that the supply portion of your utility invoice can be as much as 60% of your total invoice.

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